Our top best selling Earl Grey Teas!

Our top best selling Earl Grey Teas!

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Here at Bird & Blend we love a good cup of earl grey! We know there are some loyal earl grey drinkers out there, but did you know you can get more out of your cuppa? We’ve hand-picked our top 3 earl greys in our collection that deserve a moment in the spotlight!

Our Top best selling Earl Grey Teas

We have a great variety of earl grey tea. If you don't fancy one of our best sellers or want to check out the rest, feel free to see our earl grey collection!

Earl Grey Creme

Earl Grey Creme is our best selling earl grey in the collection! We’ve given the classic earl grey a fresh and fragrant twist by adding some vanilla, it really is a TEAlicious blend! Don’t believe us? This tea is a Great Taste Award Winner!

Ingredients: Ceylon black tea, vanilla, cornflowers, bergamot oil.

Katie R:
‘Amazingly lovely tea; just the right combination of the classic, expected flavour, but with that little extra something to make it unique! I always have a supply of this tea in the house, I've yet to have someone over for a cuppa that doesn't love it!’

Assam House Blend

Assam House Blend is a blend of Earl Grey and Assam, making it perfect for those of you who love a good, strong cuppa! If that’s you, then you’ve gotta give it a go – you won’t regret it!

Ingredients: Ceylon black tea, Assam black tea, Kenyan black tea, bergamot oil.


‘The tea I have always wanted! I've always tried to brew a stronger earl grey by combining various tea bags and leaves because I like a stronger black tea in the mix, now you guys have done it for me, and it is delish.’


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bebe franklin
bebe franklin

Can’t wait to try your teas

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