EquiTEA Crowdfund 2.0 - Why we're Crowdfunding!

EquiTEA Crowdfund 2.0 - Why we're Crowdfunding!

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We want to become the UK's leading D2C tea brand & the most impactful tea company on the planet! 

We’re aiming to raise £500k - £1m to invest in growing our business & impact. This raise is all about accelerating our growth & the funds raised will be split on these two objectives….

Growing our brand by elevating experiences...

  • We want to open 4 new stores a year! Our stores are so important to us as they are the hearts our our communiTEAs! We love delivering next level experiences so being able to open up new stores on the high street is something we feel really passionately about. We love connecting with our customers online but there's something really special about that face to face experience. 
  • Invest in a building a brand new app!
  • Invest in our operational systems making it quicker & easier for us to get you your tea!

Leading the way in sustainabiliTEA...

  • Rolling out our innovative packaging which is completely biodegradable! 
  • Helping us get B Corp certified!
  • Achieving Carbon Negative status, yay!
  • Investing in ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) projects & people! We'll be opening job roles to make sure we're leading the way in these areas!

Since we began in 2013, our mission has been to prove that you can be a nationally recognised, thriving company by basing our business decisions just as much on spreading happiness, caring for our planet & enriching lives, as making profit.

Join our EquiTEA journey, sign up below to learn more & find out how to get involved!

1 comment

Dennis Schelling
Dennis Schelling

I’m extremely interested in becoming an investor. Thank you

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