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Royal Brew-bilee Tea

We were thrilled to work on a custom tea for the launch party of Home Entertainment's release of The Crown Season 4 on Blu-ray and DVD.

This black tea blend was inspired by the 1977 street parties for the Queen's Coronation, with all the scrumptious flavours of a lavish afternoon tea, this royally good brew will have you feeling ready to sit on a throne! Tasting like tea and cake, this blend is the perfect way to treat yourself.

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Aardman X More Tea, Gromit?

Collaborating with nostalgic animation faves Wallace & Gromit was a dream come true! From visiting Aardman HQ in Bristol, to thinking up what Wallace's invention inspiration tea would be, it was a cracking time! 

More Tea, Gromit? is a cube filled with tea bags of an energising mix of black tea and Yerba Mate, with a fruity twist - kind of like a plate of Wensleydale & Cranberry crackers, but less cheesy! 


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Lucy & Yak x Fruity Salad Tea

Lucy & Yak are a clothing brand that is on a journey to create a company that gives back more than they take out. They are a people first, ethically minded & sustainably focused fashion business, who have grown rapidly in the last few years and become a real cult favourite in what they call the comfort movement. We launched this fantastically fruity blend and tin in collaboration with their eco pyjamas launch, and we couldn’t think of a better match!

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Tate Modern x Shimmer Tea

We were thrilled to work with the Tate Modern to create a custom blend inspired by the work of Japanese contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama to complement her Infinity Mirror Rooms exhibition. The blend has been designed in a unique cube packaging inspired by Kusama’s designs, as well as being served in the Tate restaurant as a cocktail as part of their dining experience based on her work.

Shimmer is a super sparkly blend. Packed full of cherries, it brews pinky red and smells & tastes just like cherry pie. It also contains gold sprinkles that create a luxurious shimmer in your cup. The blend can be enjoyed iced, hot or cold brewed and can even be enjoyed with a splash of coconut milk.

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Beachy Head x Day on the downs tea

When Heritage Manager Jonathan (who is also a Bird & Blend fan) got in touch asking us to create custom blends for the new Beachy Head Visitor Centre we knew this project was right up our street! We were asked to make two blends, inspired by the landscape & history, for them to sell in their gift shop. With the first blend, Day On The Downs, we wanted to focus on the sweeping and magical landscape.

Day On The Downs aroma & tastes have been designed to be reminiscent of a day spent up on the downs. This blend smells fresh, grassy & green with a slight fruit undertone hinting to the wild strawberry, sorrel & mint that grow in the area.

Click here to hear Krisi talk about the blending process.

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Beachy Head x Smoky Shipwreck tea

With the second blend, Smoky Shipwreck, we wanted to focus on the exciting and astonishing history surrounding the downs and the coast. If you are ever in the area, be sure to visit the new Beachy Head Visitor centre to learn all about the dreamy Downs and their exciting history.

Smoky Shipwreck evokes  images of smoky, foggy shores with smugglers at every turn. This smoky blend has whisky & spiced flavours reflecting the smuggling heritage & clipper ships from the spice and tobacco trade that is prevalent in Beachy Head’s history.

Click here to hear Krisi talk about the blending process.

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UnBarred x Amazonian Zing Tea Berliner Weisse

We teamed up with local brewery UnBarred in this exciting collaboration. Using our knowledge of tea & their knowledge of beer we created an exciting tea infused beer that was a real fusion between both brewing worlds!

Amazonian Zing Tea Berliner Weisse is a hybrid beer combined with the classic Berliner Weisse malt base, with lime and lemony Motueka hops accentuating citrus notes and a huge dose of our ‘Morning Kick’ blend. The resulting beer, although small in ABV, is huge in flavour and character.

Learn more about this collaboration here.

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UnBarred x Raspberry Tea Sour

We teamed up with local brewery Unbarred in this exciting collaboration. Using our knowledge of tea & their knowledge of beer we created an exciting tea infused beer that was a real fusion between both brewing worlds!

Raspberry Tea Sour is a hybrid beer created using our popular Blue Raspberry Tea with a Berliner Weisse malt base. Expect a refreshing and tart 5.2% sour with a tea twist. Tangy berries & rose petals on the nose. Full-bodied Raspberry with a slight sweetness followed by subtle herbal and floral notes from the tea blend.

Click here to listen to Jordan & Krisi talking about the collaboration.


Ruby Granger x Candlelit Library

We had such fun working with TikTok & YouTube creator Ruby Granger to design a blend that evokes the feeling of being in a library surrounded by old books, the brief was simple - create a tea that tastes like a library feels!

And so, Candlelit Library was born. A full bodied and comforting black tea with a little coconut twist, conjuring up the feeling of perusing old, beautiful books. Black and white tones swirl around this blend, giving the feeling of ink on paper and late nights studying. This blend will surely have you poring over aged pages and breathing in its dreamy aroma.

You can read more about the collaboration & hear from Ruby herself here.

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