Charity Requests

When we set up Bird & Blend back in 2013, we knew we wanted to create a company that gave back to the world & the communities that we are proud members of.
We are passionate about supporting causes that are close to our hearts and help the people & environment around us. There are so many different ways that we help different charities every day, including fundraising & awareness-raising activities, TEAm volunteering days & our ChariTEA of the Quarter Programme which so far has raised £129,702 and counting!

ChariTEA of the Quarter

Every three months we work with a different charity. They choose one of our tea blends & all profits of their chosen tea go straight to them.

While raising funds is a crucial part of supporting our chosen ChariTEAs, we love to really get to know them, use our social media presence to help them raise awareness for their causes & encourage our customers to get involved in fun campaigns supporting them.

    Ways we've supported important causes

    PosTEA campaigns matching volunteers with isolated individuals to write them personal note & bring them some cheer

    Staff volunteering at tea mornings for the elderly

    Charity fun runs

    Beach litter picking

    Cake sales

    Care packages for NHS staff & key workers

    ChariTEA Knit events in store to make crochet squares for the elderly

    Virtual tea breaks to raise awareness for our ChariTEAs

    This Quarter's ChariTEA

    Our current ChariTEA is is 'RCN Foundation' -  a charity that supports nurses, midwives & healthcare assistants in the UK by fundraising & providing grants for the healthcare sector.

    You can read all about them and how we are supporting them here.

    If you would like to help raise funds for them you can buy their chosen blend, Deep Breaths.

    You can read more about the programme and all of the past charities we have worked with here

    Nominate a ChariTEA, Get involved or Request Support

    All of our ChariTEAs are nominated by a TEAm member or a customer so we can make sure we are supporting causes that mean the most to our community. We don't have any strict selection criteria so if you have a campaign or charity that you would like to nominate please email us below with your reasons why and we will add them to our list to consider.

    If you see a campaign or ChariTEA that we are working with that you think you can help out too then please drop us a line so we can see how you can get involved and help to spread the good work! 

    As well as our ChariTEA of the Quarter we can help out in many more ways with other charities including raffle prizes & tea samples, so if you would like to request support for a cause that is close to your heart then please email us with as much detail as possible about your request.

    rcn foudnation
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