The Snowperson Behind The Scenes!

Have you Teabirds seen 'The Snowperson' yet? 

Well what are you waiting for?! Our TEAm have really been creating some magic behind the scenes at the Nest, to bring a little sparkle to your fesTEAve season. You can watch The Snowperson here.

The Snowperson

One afternoon, the creative TEAm were gushing over how adorable the new Tea Bomb range was & the story of 'The Snowperson' was then born. The TEAm were then tasked with bringing the story to life. They decided on stop motion, which isn't an easy feat & because the Tea Bombs are made from sugar, the TEAm had to make a prop Snowperson...  As it turns out Snowpeople were not meant to have pipe cleaners hot glued to! 

They tried to feature lots of the B&B world in the film itself. Did you notice that the trees were made from icing & that they featured the sprinkles from our Peppermint Hot Cocoa Mega-Lattes too? They also featured some of the Snowperson's other new friends, the Snowperson Mega-Latte & Gingerbread Mega-Latte too; the whole gang were there to tell the tale! 

Want to find out more about how the TEAm managed to make this friendly little tea bomb friend come to life & spread some magic? Watch the video below to see Violet & Sophie behind the scenes on the set of The Snowperson! 

Sophie Spray

Sophie Spray

Hi, I’m Sophie, our Creative Marketing Manager. Believe it or not, my first word was tea! My years as a Tea Mixologist deepened my knowledge into the world of tea, from tea types & benefits to recipes - I live, breathe & sip tea!

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