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Zodiac Behind The Scenes

Approaching our Zodiac collection was a daunting task, to say the least. In this blog post, we dive into the process behind designing this celestial collection, chatting to Shona, our Product Lead, and Rosie, our Graphic Designer.

When starting to think of how we could make a Zodiac collection, Shona, our product whiz, had a chat with Krisi, Co-Founder and Chief Tea Mixologist, about what the collection should include. It was settled that 12 individual blends, one to represent each sign, would be the best way forward and so Shona embarked on a journey to create tea blends that would embody the unique characteristics, flavours, and aromas associated with each zodiac sign.

Zodiac Tea Tins range

With the help of Veronica from our Brighton Laines Store - we selected ingredients that harmonized with the qualities and traits of each star sign. From fiery spices to delicate floral notes, each blend was crafted to evoke emotions, energies, and tastes that resonated with the astrological profiles of the zodiac signs.

The selection process involved a deep understanding of the zodiac signs, their symbolism, and also what would taste good! Shona spoke to Abby Lewtas from Australia to really drill down into the blends and make sure that each one was right (she also spoke to her about when to launch, which is how we ended up with the Summer Solstice!)

Adding a touch of visual magic to the Zodiac Collection, Rosie, the talented illustrator behind most of Bird & Blend's products, embarked on a mission to create packaging that would mesmerize tea enthusiasts & zodiac lovers alike from the moment they laid eyes on it.

The wonderful celestial tin design was born. But we needed labels too! Rosie wanted to bring in some extra talent for this collection to really showcase the breadth of talent that we have to offer - so we worked with Courtney from our Nottingham Store, and they drew each sign illustration.

These all came together to form the collection you see now - and we are very proud of it! It was a labour of love, passion, & a little looking at the stars!

The Zodiac Collection invites tea lovers to embark on a mystical journey, exploring the unique qualities of their star sign, or sipping on & embodying another sign, while indulging in the delightful flavours of this curated tea collection.

Cheers to the magical fusion of tea, art, and astrology!

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