tutti frutti tea iced 2 ways

Enjoy Tutti Frutti Iced Tea Two Ways

The summer season is here & we’re delighted to introduce you to our brand new, limited edition summer tea - Tutti Frutti! This fruity blend will transport you to sunny days & sandy shores, with two refreshing ways to try it. Follow our easy step-by-step recipe below!

What You Will Need:

Supercharge your tea with these optional toppings…

  • Fresh orange wedge or slice
  • Maraschino cherries

What To Do:

For both recipes, you will need to start by making a tea concentrate using your Tutti Frutti tea.

1. First, pop 2 heaped teaspoons of Tutti Fruitti Tea into your Brewdini Gravity Steeper then add the boiling water & brew for 4 minutes.

You can also use alternative teapots, strainers or tea sacs to brew your loose leaf tea.

2. Strain your tea into your glass over your ice to cool it down.

Now it’s time to make your recipe of choice!

Tutti Frutti Iced Tea With Lemonade:

Tutti Frutti tea iced with lemonade

Choose lemonade for a light & refreshing spin on this summer sensation! Top up your glass of ice containing your tea concentrate with your lemonade. Complete your creation with 1 pump of Sweetbird Vanilla Syrup to taste if you’d like, along with an orange wedge for a pop of zesty colour! 

Tutti Frutti Iced Tea With Coconut Milk:

Choose coconut milk for a creamy, tropical vibe. Top up your glass of ice containing your tea concentrate with your milk, along with 1 pump of Sweetbird Vanilla Syrup for a sweeter taste. Finish with an orange slice & maraschino cherry garnish to truly transport yourself to a tropical locale!

Tutti Frutti tea cold brew with milk

Did you choose lemonade or coconut milk? Let us know & share your creations with us @birdandblendtea

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