How To Make A Tea Concentrate

How To Make A Tea Concentrate

The tea concentrate is used in most of our recipes. It's a great tool to have in your drinks arsenal, from iced cold drinks to glorious foamy lattes - you'll need a tea concentrate! But how do you make a tea concentrate? Well read below to find out!

Tea Concentrate

What you need:

What to do:

  1. Put 2 Perfect Tea Spoons of your chosen tea into your Brewdini
  2. Fill your Brewdini with 100ml of boiling water (you may need to adjust the temperature depending on which tea you have)
  3. Allow it to brew to the brewing time outlined on your tea label
  4. Decant into your mug or glass

From this point you can choose whether you’d like to make a tea latte, an iced latte or an iced tea with lemonade. 

If you want a hot latte, decant the tea into your mug and top up with hot foamy milk.

If you want an iced tea latte, decant the tea into a glass and top up with ice and cold milk.

If you want to make a tea iced with lemonade, decant the tea into a glass, top with ice and lemonade, or sparkling water.

If you want a cocktail or mocktail, then feel free to peruse out blog for cocktail recipes and get fancy! 

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