The best teas for cold brewing | Cold brew teas

Goodness there are so many teas that are perfect for cold brewing!

Typically people prefer using fruit tea which is a great choice if you want to create something super juicy and refreshing!

There is no wrong way of cold brewing here! Be it black tea in oat milk, a chai in coconut milk, herbal tea in lemonade, or fruit teas in gin! What we love about cold brewing is that its super diverse and so so easy to do!

Cold brewing is such a fabulous way of making tea! It tastes a lot smoother because the flavour is slowly extracted over several hours. For some people when it comes to cold brewing, they say it brings out flavours that they had never noticed before compared to when  they brewed it with just hot water! 

It doesn’t get much easier than dropping loose leaf tea or tea parcels into a cold brew bottle, or a jug of some sort! Then adding your choice of cold liquid  and letting it infuse in the fridge for 2-12 hours. We recommend 6-7 teaspoons of your chosen tea in 750ml of liquid! 

Check out this blog for more details on how to cold brew!

Our fave teas to cold brew with!

As mentioned above Teabirds, you can cold brew any tea in whatever way you like! Although here at Bird & Blend we have a few top faves...


Just like the cocktail! A invigorating blend of green tea, revitalising mint and zesty lime pieces. Cold brew with water for a delicious and thirst quenching drink! 

Chocolate Digestives

Oh yes! The ulTEAmate chocolate biscuit as a black tea blend! Packed full of cocoa shells, cocoa nibs and vanilla, this irresistible blend works magic with oat milk, giving it that biscuity flavour we all love!

Make sure to check out some of our other chocolate teas.

Strawberry Lemonade 

This Teabirds is our award-winning fruit tea! Its also our most popular fruit tea blend which is not a surprise really with all those juicy strawberries and zingy lemon pieces. A perfect summer delight, cold brew in lemonade to give your taste buds a wild time!

Blue Raspberry 

The most beauTEAful blend of sencha green tea, full raspberries and blue pea flowers. Watch the liquid turn into a dreamy blue as you leave it to infuse. This fabulous ingredient is what makes our Unicorn Fizz recipe so fun! Add citrus and watch the magic happen! 


Other blends we love to cold brew are Jelly & Ice Cream, Tea & Toast, Rhubarb & Custard, Jasmine Poached Pears and many more. See our cold brew tea collection here

Holly Ingham

Holly Ingham

Hi, I’m Hollie, I’ve worked for Bird & Blend for 4 & a half years! I've been Trainee Manager in the Bristol Store, worked in the Marketing team & now I'm the Retail & Wholesale Experience Trainer - I am the go-to person to create banging tea cocktails for our events & workshops! My fave thing about my role is getting to meet everyone in all the different teams and travel the country! Fun fact: I live on a Narrowboat! I work remotely from my boat named Goleta!

The best teas for cold brewing

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