Teas To Help Beat Colds, Coughs and Sniffles

A cup of tea may not be a cure-all, but it can certainly help us to feel better, and potentially give our bodies a much-needed boost! Here are our top 4 teas best teas for colds or if your feeling under the weather...

Cold Weather Warrior

This combo has a refreshing collection of ingredients including; echinacea, eucalyptus & peppermint, which can all help provide our bodies with extra vitamin C, as well as providing us with natural antibacterial properties, and soothing menthol to ease sore throats.

Stress can also play a big part in our immune system, and peppermint is also believed to be a good stress-reliever too! What an all-round, flu-busting blend!

Deckchair Dreaming

Now, you may be surprised to hear that chamomile is also said to be good for cold and flu symptoms, due to its soothing nature and anti-inflammatory properties. This could also help one step further if you find yourself unable to sleep, as chamomile is well-known for its calming and relaxing properties, which may help to improve the quality and duration of rest! 

Turmeric Tea Powder

And, of course, we can't go without mentioning an ingredient which many people know and love - Turmeric!

This fantastic ingredient. used in our Turmeric Tea Powder is often said to be a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidants-fuelled root, which means it can help us fight off infection, aid in relieving inflamed muscles in areas like the throat, and support our immune system!

Our tea powders are made up of finely ground ingredients, meaning that you get a more concentrated level of turmeric to aid in your flu-fighting! Not to mention, it makes a wonderful caffeine-free alternative to matcha. This turmeric blend also has black pepper in the blend, which helps our bodies to absorb the turmeric quicker and more effectively.

Best Teas For Colds

Holly Ingham

Holly Ingham

Hi, I’m Hollie, I’ve worked for Bird & Blend for 4 & a half years! I've been Trainee Manager in the Bristol Store, worked in the Marketing team & now I'm the Retail & Wholesale Experience Trainer - I am the go-to person to create banging tea cocktails for our events & workshops! My fave thing about my role is getting to meet everyone in all the different teams and travel the country! Fun fact: I live on a Narrowboat! I work remotely from my boat named Goleta!

Check out our top tea blends for when your feeling under the weather!

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  • Hi Susan,

    Thanks so much for getting in touch!

    We aren’t medical professionals, so we can’t tell you for sure if a tea is going to help but there are blends which have ingredients in which have been used traditionally used for homoeopathic remedies for many years which may aid you.

    I have found the following blends have helped me in the past:
    Cold Weather Warrior
    Lemon & Ginger Tea
    Turmeric Tea Powder

    Chamomile is also an anti-inflammatory and great to aide relaxation, so this may help too! My favourites are Dozy Girl or Deckchair Dreaming!

    I really hope that helps and wishing you all the best.

    I hope that helps but let us know if you have any other questions!

    Lizzie @ B&B

    Lizzie @ B&B
  • I have a chronic cough and wondered you got a tea for me? Many thanks

    Kind regards


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