What is Green Tea?

green loose leaf tea

What is Green Tea?

Green Tea, like White Tea and Black Tea, comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant but is made using the younger leaves and buds. It also goes through less processing in terms of the oxidation and withering of the tea leaves.

It is believed that Green Tea may have health benefits such as improving brain function and contains lots of antioxidants that makes us feel alert and relaxed at the same time!

green loose leaf tea

What is the history behind loose leaf Green Tea?

Green Tea was first used in China and Japan for its medicinal and spiritual purposes, as it was believed to not only aid with sickness and fatigue, but was also said to elevate the spirit. Tea was only produced in small batches during this time, therefore the ceremony of storing and serving the tea became an important part of displaying wealth and culture, and traditional tea ceremonies are still performed to this day. 

 green loose leaf tea

Does Green Tea have caffeine?

Yes, Green Tea does contain caffeine, in fact the average 8 oz. cup of Green Tea contains around 25mg of caffeine.

Black Tea, White Tea, and Green Tea are all picked from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis, but from different parts of the plant. Due to different processes they come out with different leaf colours and caffeine content. The caffeine in Green Tea is released more slowly than that you’d find in Black Tea which produces a calming, conscious and focused energy.

The amount of caffeine which actually ends up in your body depends on a number of factors including age of leaf, water temperature, steeping time and many others. For example, all of our Green Teas are blended with other ingredients like fruit or mint so will naturally have less caffeine than a pure Green Tea.

Green Tea is safe to drink every day but due to it's caffeine content you might want to plan when to drink your Green Tea carefully as the recommended daily caffeine limit is 300mg, and 200mg for pregnant people, which is roughly 8 cups of Green Tea a day! 

green loose leaf tea

Is Matcha Green Tea?

Yes, Green Tea can also be ground down and be made into Matcha! Matcha is made using ground Green Tea leaves and one serving of Matcha is actually the caffeine content and health benefit equivalent to 10 cups of Green Tea!

Matcha contains the same amount of caffeine content as a double espresso! However, it's slow release caffeine which means it keeps you feeling energised for longer, with a sustained level of alertness - the perfect coffee replacement if you ask us! Matcha has lots of health benefits including boosting cognitive function, increasing energy levels, and aiding with alertness without giving you those caffeine jitters! 

green loose leaf tea

How do you make a cup of Green Tea?

Our Tea Mixologists brew 1 perfect teaspoon of Green Tea blend in 80° water for 3 minutes. We brew Green Tea at a lower temperature so as not to burn the delicate tea leaves.
Green Tea is typically drunk without milk but our blends work wonderfully cold brewed for a refreshing, summery take on Green Tea. Learn how to cold brew Green Tea here.
green loose leaf tea
What's your favourite Green Tea blend? Let us know on our socials @birdandblendtea or comment below.
Krisi Smith

Krisi Smith

Hi, I’m Krisi and I’m one of the Co-Founders of Bird & Blend. I’ve been working with tea for years & have even written a book about it. My specialty is tea innovation so I have the pleasure of creating all of our delicious blends & love coming up with all of our wacky new flavours.

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