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National Tea Day Event 2024!

Celebrate the magic of tea with our National Tea Day Event 2024!

National Tea Day is the time Britain takes to celebrate its love for the humble cuppa. Our love for tea is so deep that collectively we consume more than 60 billion cups a year as a nation. That’s upwards of 165 million cups a day!

We love hearing about the moments our communiTEA across the globe are sharing with a mug of tea by their side, from a breakfast brew to start the day to a calming cuppa before bed. Often, those moments include a perfectly paired snack to go alongside your brew.

That got us thinking about what the most popular foods to pair with a cuppa are, so we asked the nation - & the results might surprise you!

It won’t come as a shock to hear that many of the nation’s favourite foods to pair with a cuppa are sweet treats - & we wholeheartedly agree, as many of these delicious delights have been the inspiration behind some of our best-selling tea blends!

favourite sweet treat teas with favourite sweet treats

 But it’s not all sweet treats. We discovered some rather more unusual tea & food pairings, including tea with a cheeseburger - loved by one in five of those surveyed - tea with a Sunday roast, & even a tea with Marmite spread on ‘literally anything’!

Here are the top 10 unlikTEA sipping & snacking choices, revealed by our research!

the nations favourite snacks with tea
  1. Scrambled eggs or tofu
  2. Jacket potato and beans
  3. Cheeseburger
  4. Sunday Roast
  5. Pick n Mix
  6. Mac & Cheese
  7. Lasagne
  8. Chicken Soup / Onion Rings
  9. Marmite on anything
  10. Chicken Tikka Masala

If you are new to our magical world of tea, you might be asking yourself….Chocolate Digestives? Cherry Bakewell? Banana Bread Chai? Surely these can’t be flavours of tea. Well, let us introduce you to our magical world of tea, where the possibiliTEAs are endless, & a delightful tea surprise is always around the corner! (Don’t worry though - no cheeseburger tea…yet!).

We’ve been spreading happiness & reimagining tea for over a decade now, & this National Tea Day we’d love to share a little taste of some of the magical things we can do with tea with you.

Here’s just a taste of the tea treats we have lined up for you…

Mark your calendars!

📆 Monday 15th April - Wednesday 24th April:

A very special FREE gift of one of our favourite loose leaf teas to help you discover more of our magical world of tea, when you spend £30 or more online.

📆 Friday 19th April, 9am:

A mega Secret Drop onto our Secret Website, filled with rare & fan fave teas from our famous back catalogue. If you haven’t unlocked access to our Secret Website yet, click here to get on the list to be able to shop this very exciting drop!

📆 Sunday 21st April, 11am - 2pm:

Join us for elevensies with a FREE drink in store to mark the big day itself! Our TEAms can’t wait to see you for a cuppa! Find your nearest store here.

Phew! After all that we’re going to need a good strong brew…

We hope you find a new favourite tea, learn a new way to enjoy a staple, & take the chance to connect with our communiTEA of passionate tea lovers across the nation & beyond, in the real world & online!

Pop the kettle on, take a break, make a brew, & spread some happiness.

Wishing you a very happy National Tea Day!

free drink in store

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