How To Make Green Tea

Green tea has a bad rep. You might have heard about it. Maybe you heard whispers that it’s bitter? Tastes disgusting? Goodness no!

We believe it’s being done a massive disservice and all because a lot of people are still in the dark about the best way on how to make green tea! Green tea can seem super confusing, but it’s our job to de-mystify it!

So how do you make green tea?

Teabirds, the secret is down to temperature and timing! Green tea is more delicate than black tea you see, so it needs a bit of gentle handling.

how to make green tea

  • First of all, the water needs to be around 80°c. We all don’t have fancy kettles with different temperature settings, so this can be done in a couple of ways. The simplest is to put some cold water in your mug (about ⅕ of it) and top up with freshly boiled water. You might want to let this settle a little and mix the hot and cold water together with a spoon. Alternatively, you can switch the kettle off just before it starts boiling- as the noise of the kettle starts to increase. Be very careful about temperature: too hot and you’ll burn your leaves and that's what gives it the bitter taste!
  • Once you have your hot(ish) water, add your tea of choice in whichever way you prefer (we love and recommend our Brewdini for fuss-free, mess-free brewing!) Bird & Blend’s range of green tea is a great starting point for trying the different varieties; our range of fun flavours mean that we have something for everyone! The base green tea should have a ‘green and fresh' taste, as opposed to a bitter one: flavours can range from subtle to strong, grassy to vegetal and each variety of green tea has its own distinct flavour.

For example, Japanese green tea would be typically steamed, which gives you almost an oceanic, fresh taste. Whereas Chinese green tea tends to be wok friend, or oven baked, giving it a more nutty flavour!

  • You got the temperature right- congratulations! But the next danger zone is timing. Brew too long and you’ll have a bitter, acrid flavour that no-one enjoys. Ideally, green tea should be brewed for no more than 3 minutes (as opposed to the 4 minutes for black tea). Once you’ve removed the tea leaves, you’re good to go! Best enjoyed without milk!

How to make green tea

Recommended green teas for newbies:

  • MojiTEA - A super refreshing blend of green tea, peppermint + lime
  • Ankara Apple- a delicious twist on Turkish tea, flavoured with apples, pomegranates and spices.
  • Hot Mama Jama- a tropical tea so good at clearing out the cobwebs that it’s enjoyed by the Brighton Gospel Choir!

We have so many green tea blends for you to try, have fun and experiment with! Don't forget, we also have all the teaware you need to make a perfect cup of green tea!


Check out some of our epic green teas!

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