Why is Oolong the Perfect Tummy Tea?

Why is Oolong the Perfect Tummy Tea?

Tantalise your taste buds & soothe your stomach with this metabolism-boosting, gut calming tea. Learn why we think Oolong is the perfect 'tummy tea'!

coconut milk oolong loose leaf tea tin

What is Oolong tea?

Oolong is a type of tea that sits between a green and a black tea, both in terms of strength, brewing methods & processing methods too. Although there are hundreds of types of oolong, they are usually fairly grassy but with honey or earthy notes. AND all oolongs are great for your gut!

Why is Oolong Tea Good for Digestion?

Oolong teas are partly oxidised (green teas do not oxidise & black teas are 'fully' oxidised) so they have enough caffeine to activate the gut, but are also packed full of polyphenols & antioxidants to fight off the bad stuff!

What other ingredients are good for Digestion?

Peppermint tea is another perfect ingredient to aid digestion, as is ginger. Both are good for soothing gurgles & trapped gas in your tummy! (yes really, don't giggle!).

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