Top 5 Best Selling Green Teas

Ah, green tea. Green tea is one of those drinks that everyone wants to enjoy because of it’s health benefits and antioxidants, but often people find themselves hating the taste. If this is you, then please do not despair! We’ve been there too but we’ve discovered that the cause of this could be down to two common problems:

  1.  You aren’t brewing it correctly and therefore burning the leaves, making it bitter. Find out how to make green tea! 
  2. You haven’t tried the right green tea yet! Green tea doesn’t have to be plain and boring, green tea blends are some of the tastiest teas out there!

Our Top 5 Best Green Teas

We have a great range of green tea in our loose leaf collection, but we’ve chosen our top 5 which are not only super tasty but some our bestselling green tea!

Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry is one of our best selling tea of all time, no matter the time of year! This gorgeous green tea has butterfly blue pea flower in, which turns your cuppa a bright blue colour AND it’s totally natural. This pretty plant is full of antioxidants + our addition of raspberries + green tea makes it a green goddess indeed. Mixologist tip off - try adding a squeeze of lemon to watch the colour change! Learn about Blue Tea!

Ingredients: Chinese sencha green tea, blue pea flowers, freeze-dried raspberry pieces, natural flavouring.

‘This tea is the one. Not only is it really, really pretty but it tastes so yummy too. I'd buy it for the taste alone if I'm being honest so the fact it's eye-catching is a super bonus. I'd highly recommend it to anyone…’



The name says it all! The Mojito, Cuban classic; the tipple of choice for Caribbean island folk, but we do it with tea instead - the top tipple of English island folk! Our MojiTEA is just as refreshing but without the rum or the calories! This blend is one of our best sellers and one that people who don’t drink green tea reach to!

Ingredients: Chinese green tea, peppermint, dried lime pieces, lemongrass, lime leaves.

Jenny B:
‘I feel in love with this tea the first time I tried it and now I can't get enough. Its refreshing mintiness is beautifully enhanced by the zestiness of the lime. I can't decide if it's better hot or cold - it's great either way!’

Chinese Treasures

Introducing Bird & Blend's Ba Bao Cha blend, Chinese Treasures. Inspired by eight treasures tea, we've created our own blend of this ancient Chinese herbal medicine tea. Originating from Yunnan, China, this powerful green tea with ginseng blend is renowned for it's medicinal + healing properties, essential for every Teabird's cupboard!

Ingredients: Chinese Jasmine green tea, gynostemma, ginger, goji berries, Siberian ginseng, jasmine flowers.

Tamar L:
 ‘I'm personally not a huge fan of green tea but this is a beauty. Its a subtle mix of green tea, fruit and floral notes. Reminds me of childhood visits to the Chinese Garden of Friendship, Sydney.’


Hot Mama Jama

Turn up the chilli tea heat and join the tropical carnival with a cup of Hot Mama Jama chilli green tea. But be warned... this blazing remix of refreshing reggae limes and calypso chilli beats will have your taste buds dancing all night long.

Ingredients: Chinese green tea, lemongrass, lime leaves, chilli seeds, hibiscus, rosehip, apple pieces, orange peel, passionfruit pieces, mango pieces, dried lime pieces, natural flavour.

'I absolutely love Hot Mama Jama green tea. The combination of the sweet and tropical passionfruit with the spicy chilli is fantastic.'


Gingersnap Green

Gingersnap Green is a delicious green tea is infused with the flavours of a juicy peach, balanced with just enough ginger to add a drop of fire to your cup– a magical twist on a classic blend. This blend tastes amazing as a cold brew in the summer! Need to learn how to make cold brew tea?

Ingredients: Chinese green tea, apple pieces, ginger, hibiscus, mango pieces, papaya pieces, sugar, calendula petals, sunflower petals, flavour.

‘This is one of my all time favourite teas. The ginger taste is just enough to add a bit of warmth in the back of the throat, and the sweet punchy flavour makes you want to get up and be productive. The catchy name is synonymous with the energetic nature of this cup.’

Tea pot green tea  

 So, if you want to get into green tea and enjoy drinking it, you need try one of these green teas! We’d love to hear what you think of any of our green teas you try, so feel free to let us know at or on instagram (@birdandblendtea) or twitter (BirdandBlendTea).


Is there not a tea screaming your name? Why not check out our entire green tea collection

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